Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cake pops

Step 1 - butter and sugar in bowl
Step 2 - mixed together
Step 3 - added vanilla, baking powder, salt, eggs, sugar and milk...then mixed

Step 4 - Baked cake for 25 minutes at 375 in oven
Step 5 - mashed cake
Step 6 - rolled into balls
Step 7 - dipped into chocolate with sticks 
Step 8 - added sprinkles and refriderated

Apple pie

First I cored 4 apples 
Then I sliced the apples into thin slices.

Then I melted butter and added other ingredients to make a glaze.

Then I put a pie crust and added apples and added a top to it with another crust.

Then I put the glaze on the pie crusts and put it into the oven.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

chocolate cookie dough balls

First, I mixed brown sugar, butter, and salt together as seen in the picture to the right below.
Then I mixed flour with the mixture
Then I added chocolate chips. 
Lastly I rolled them into balls and rolled them into ball shapes.